Our Core Business is Cores!
For over 63 years, A&A Midwest Cores has been the leader in supplying engine, transmission and internal parts cores to engine rebuilders and machine shops. Each day we process over 500 engines at state-of-the-art facilities in Chicago and Las Vegas. As a result, we have more than 40,000 engines and transmissions and 60,000 related internal parts in stock to serve your needs. We specialize in products and parts that either make one core work in another application, or replace a hard-to-find or salvaged part.

Sell Us Your Cores
You get paid top dollar when you sell us your engine and transmission cores. For your convenience, our price lists for engines and transmissions are now available for download!

Buy Your Cores From Us
Due to our vast experience, our experts can advise you on which type of core will work best for the engine project you are working on. This knowledge has earned us the reputation as the “Partner to the Professional.” Whatever challenge you face, it's probably something that one of our experts has already solved before. In fact, the answer to your problem may be sitting on one of our shelves, right now. When you demand the best, turn to us with confidence.