From the Grassroots

EQ celebrates motorsports competition through its support of IMCA racing. Be sure to check out our racing news and results to keep up with IMCA motorsports competition and the latest results from "Team EQ" racers.

When it comes to grass roots racing through the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA), EQ cylinder heads consistently help drivers find the winners’ circle.  

EQ is the proud title sponsor of the IMCA EQ Wild West Modified Tour and the exclusive supplier of the IMCA Chevy spec cylinder head for IMCA’s Northern and Southern Sport Mod divisions and Hobby Stock division. IMCA allows an alternative to the stock GM cast iron head and one that hasn’t been altered and is pre-1970. The EQ head is comparable in flow numbers and performance with similar dyno to multiple GM castings. 

Racers can now use EQ’s cast iron Magnum cylinder head (Part #CH318B) as a stock replacement for three IMCA divisions: Hobby Stock, Northern and Southern SportMod. EQ's Magnum cylinder head replaces a stock 1992–2004 Chrysler 318/360 head and is machined with a pre-1990 LA-style intake pattern that still uses all Magnum rocker parts.

In addition to being the title sponsor of the IMCA Wild West Modified Tour, EQ is an overall sponsor of IMCA Racing.