A&A Midwest Continues To Lead Industry as Engine and Transmission Core Supplier

Company carries inventory of over 150,000 engine, transmission and internal part cores
(CHICAGO, IL) – With one of the largest inventories of engine, transmission and internal part cores, AA Midwest continues to be a leading supplier source for engine and transmission rebuilders. 
Between its warehouses in Chicago and North Las Vegas, AA Midwest’s inventory includes over 150,000 engines and transmissions and other internal part cores. Established in 1949, AA Midwest is a division of AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers and known as the source for hard-to-find cores for import/domestic cars or light trucks (gas or diesel engine).
AA Midwest provides valuable information to customers on whether new, remanufactured or reclaimed will work best for the engine or transmission project they are working on. This extensive working knowledge has helped them gain the reputation as the “Partner to the Professional.”
“Our employees understand the importance of getting customers what they need,” said Billy Stolberg, president and COO, AAEQ. “We take extra caution in the way we accept, handle, process, store and ship engine and transmission cores and component parts. We know that if it’s a product that is damaged and rebuilders can’t use in their business, then we both lose.”
Stolberg, who runs the company’s operations in Chicago, says that in addition to full engines and manual and automatic transmissions, AA Midwest carries crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads, torque converters, transfer cases, connecting rods, engine blocks, short blocks and long blocks. “If it isn’t in stock on our shelves in one of our two core storage facilities,” explained Stolberg, “we can get it for you. We’ll work the phones to find precisely the cores you need.”
Through AAEQ’s other division, EngineQuest (EQ), the company provides new, remanufactured and reclaimed engine parts to help rebuilders solve their manufacturing challenges. EQ specializes in machining or remanufacturing parts that either make one core work in another application or replace a hard to find or salvaged part.