(LAS VEGAS, NV) – The International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) has announced that EngineQuest (EQ) spec Chevy cylinder heads (part #CH 350I) are being offered as an optional head for the organization’s Northern and Southern Sportmod divisions. These stock heads will include the IMCA logo and a unique serial number so IMCA can track usage in competitions.
“IMCA recently changed their rules for 2008 so competitors must use a stock GM cast iron head and one that hasn’t been altered and is pre-1970,” said Eric Haugland, sales manager, AAEQ. “We offer such a head that is an exact fit in flow numbers, performance and dyno for the 487x. We are happy to work with IMCA as the preferred cylinder head for these divisions, which represent more 1,600 racers.”
EQ manufactures stock replacement and performance cylinder heads and a wide variety of new, remanufactured and reclaimed engine parts. In addition to being the title sponsor of the IMCA Wild West Modified Tour, EQ is an overall sponsor of IMCA Racing.
“EQ is a valued IMCA sponsor,” said Brett Root, vice president of IMCA. “We are proud to partner with EQ on this new cylinder head option for several of our racing divisions in 2008.”
The performance cylinder head line is designed to provide maximum power with minimum effort. EQ cylinder heads feature the company’s 23 degree performance heads with Flow-Cast Technology that do not require any additional machining, porting or polishing. EQ cylinder heads are ready to go out of the box. It is as simple as installing the valve train and bolting it on.
EQ cylinder heads feature an improved design to resist cracking, including thicker decks for greater strength and hardened 30000 Dura-Bond® series exhaust seats. Precision machining and a superior port finish helps achieve better airflow that has resulted in dyno-proven gains in horsepower and performance. Demonstrated flow and dyno testing results are available at www.eqcylinderheads.com/flow.html.
These special IMCA cylinder heads will be available directly from EQ in late January, or through an authorized distributor. For more information, contact EQ at 800-426-8771, or visit www.eqcylinderheads.com.