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EQ Cylinder Heads 
Whether you need stock or performance heads, EQ has what you need. We offer quality, durability, value, customer support and the best warranties in the business.

EQ sells both bare and fully loaded cylinder heads.

  • EQ bare heads are ready to install to the drive train, so no porting or polishing is needed.
  • EQ loaded heads include OE-quality stainless steel valves, seals, valve springs and retainers.

Performance or stock: EQ cylinder heads are the best out of the box solution

Come to EQ for a full line of high performance and stock cylinder heads. We make the best cylinder head, right out of the box.

Our reputation for quality parts and incredible service extends to all our cylinder heads. We also stock cast iron and aluminum cylinder heads for Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota vehicles and forklifts. Our stock cylinder heads offer unsurpassed warranties, including a parts and labor warranty to professional engine builders.

The International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) has selected the EQ spec Chevy cylinder head as the only optional non OEM head for their Northern and Southern Sportmod divisions and IMCA has selected the EQ spec Chevy cylinder head for the Hobby Stock Division.

Racers can now use EQ’s cast iron Magnum cylinder head (Part #CH318B) as a stock replacement for three divisions: Hobby Stock, Northern and Southern SportMod. EQ’s Magnum cylinder head replaces a stock 1992–2004 Chrysler 318/360 head and is machined with a pre-1990 LA-style intake pattern that still uses all Magnum rocker parts.

Our performance cylinder heads offer maximum power with minimum effort (and investment!). Right out of the box, EQ cylinder heads deliver improved flow and performance – that’s why we claim you can… “Bolt On and Hold On!”

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