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A&A Midwest Recycling has developed educational materials to help its customers understand various aspects of the recycling business. Check back often as new materials are being developed all the time.

New! Keep it Green with Remanufacturing
The remanufacturing industry has always been green and is one of the three “R’s” of product retirement – recycling, remanufacturing and reuse. Remanufacturing accounts for more than $100 billion in annual sales in the U.S. and employs close to 500,000 people. Automotive remanufacturing alone is estimated to be a $70 billion a year industry. “Keep it Green with Remanufacturing” helps you understand the price advantages of choosing remanufactured products, along with the environmental benefits.

Guide to Recycling Scrap Metal
A&A Midwest Recycling’s “Guide to Recycling Scrap Material” provides guidance on what materials can and cannot be recycled. Scrap metal can be an eyesore or it can be cash in your pocket. The guide point outs that metal recyclers will typically accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, and pay a competitive price for the material.

Metal Theft Prevention Guide 
Practical Considerations to Minimize Your Risk
Metal theft is a common problem that business and homeowners face. The worldwide demand for non-ferrous metals, such as copper, has led to an increase in the problem. Thieves have been known to steal copper pipes from air conditioning units and plumbing pipes from unfinished construction projects. A&A Midwest Recycling’s “Metal Theft Prevention Guide” provides reasonable precautions to protect your business and home.