Chicago Facility: (800) 826-7403 / (773) 624-6111     |     Las Vegas Facility: (800) 426-8771 / (702) 649-7776

TransmissionQuest is the transmission division of A&A Midwest. Our mission is to solve the transmission remanufacturer’s problems. We are a full line transmission core supplier including:

  • Whole units Automatics and Manuals
  • Transfer Cases
  • Torque converters
  • Auto Light Medium and Heavy duty truck

We serve all type of remanufacturers custom shop, race or performance shop, or production reman your business is important to us. If you are a hard parts supplier we can help you also. A&A Midwest inventories all popular transmissions including ones with broken cases so valuable hard parts are not lost because of an accident or mishandling.

Our experienced staff will help you identify your needs and get you solutions quickly. With over 10,000 whole units plus transfer cases and torque converters in stock in our three facilities chances are we have what you need. Our inventory covers from the 1960 to today and everything in between. Our computerized inventory system gets you answers fast.

If you have surplus inventory let us know we are always buying and what might be surplus to you can be in demand elsewhere.

Call Matt Valtman our Transmission Division Sales Manager at 800-426-8771 ((773) 624-6111) extension 319 for more information and to buy or sell transmissions.