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Going Back in Time

Can’t find what you need for your restoration project?

We know the internal combustion engine requires regular maintenance to ensure its continued function. Engine oil, power steering and brake fluid are examples of engine maintenance that must be kept up and checked at regular intervals. Often wear and tear over time can leave an engine totally unusable. In which case the restorer might remove the existing engine and replace it with a similar or modern engine substitute. In order to conduct an engine restoration, first a technician will conduct a thorough inspection. Often pre-restored vehicles have engines that have gone without maintenance for years and therefore require engine restoration to return them to working order. The engine is removed from the car and inspected for broken and non-functional parts. Typical parts that require replacing include pistons, spark plugs, fuel lines, battery, fuses, timing belt and various gaskets. All are subject to deterioration over time. Structural components like the engine block, cam shaft and crank shaft are less likely to require repair but not uncommon. Typically, after all required parts are gathered, the disassembled pieces will be cleaned, remanufactured (if required), and reassembled. The engine is then replaced within the car.

Memory Lane is the section of our website that lists vintage engine cores available from our company’s vast inventory. Find classic engines like a 1929 Studebaker flathead six-cylinder engine or a 1949-54 Packard inline 8 flathead and much more! Our inventory covers many vintage makes and models from the 1930’s to present.


  • Cylinder Heads
  • Bare Blocks
  • Connecting Rods
  • Long Blocks
  • Short Blocks

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NOTE: Our online inventory is regularly updated, check back periodically for the latest availability.
Inventory subject to prior sale.

 BuickCylinder Head364, 401, 425  1196914 
 BuickEngine Block401 1962-661364705 
 BuickEngine Block300 1964-67  
 BuickTiming Cover400, 430, 455 1967-761238864 
 BuickTiming Cover401    
CadillacCylinder Head331 1949-551462611 
CadillacCylinder Head390 / 429 1963-671485240 
CadillacCylinder Head429 1963-671481395 
CadillacCylinder Head331  1462612 
 CadillacTiming Cover429 1965-671482767 
 Chevrolet Head454 19713994026 
 Chevrolet Head396/402/427 1969-703964291 
ChevroletBare Block396 19683916323 
 ChevroletBare Block396 19693955272 
 ChevroletBare Block327 1968-693914678 
 ChevroletBare Block396 / 402 1969-723969854 
 ChevroletCylinder Head30551976-8514022601 
 ChevroletCylinder Head2624.31986-9714099064 
 ChevroletCylinder Head402 / 454  3993820G 6 71 date code
 ChevroletCylinder Head402 / 454  3993820I 3 70 date code
 ChevroletCylinder Head454  3994026E 17 72
 ChevroletHead396 / 427 1967-693919840 
 ChevroletHead454 1970-7114096188 
 ChevroletHead454  3919840DATE CODE C12 9
 ChevroletHead454  3919840DATE CODE C21 9
 ChevroletHead427 / 454  6272990DATE CODE J14 78 NO 2
 ChevroletHead427 / 454  6272990DATE CODE J14 78 NO 1
 DodgeBare Block440  3698830 
 DodgeCylinder Head413 1959-772899943 
 DodgeCylinder Head225 1960-742206035 
 DodgeCylinder Head318 / 360 1976-914025796 
 DodgeCylinder Head383  2406516-6 
 FordBare Block390 1968-76  
 FordCylinder Head289 1966C6OE 
 FordCylinder Head390 1961-76C7AE-A 
 FordCylinder Head289 1963-67C6OE 
 FordCylinder Head462 1966-68C6VE6090B 
 FordCylinder Head4607.51968-78D2VE-AA 
 FordCylinder Head4607.51968-78D3VE-A2A 
 FordCylinder Head351W5.81969-78DOOE 
 FordCylinder Head292  C1AE6090C 
 FordCylinder Head351W  DOOE-C 
 FordCylinder Head289  C6AE – 3 
 FordCylinder Head429 / 460  C9VE-A 
 FordCylinder Head351C   4 barrel
 FordEngine Block292 1955-66  
 FordHeadV8 1949-538BALEFT / DRIVERS SIDE
 FordHead351C  D34 barrel heads
 FordTiming Cover360 390 1968-70C8AE6059B3 
 IHCCylinder Head345 1976-81359489 
 OldsmobileCylinder Head455 1972-76411 783 
 OldsmobileEngine215 1961-631347044ALUMINUM HEAD & BLOCK
 PontiacCylinder Head350 455  6X 8 
 PontiacEngine455  485428 
 WillysEngine Block134 1942-71