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A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking is an End of Life Vehicle processing Center

We operate from an 80,000 square foot facility in Blue Island, Ill. We also salvage vehicles at our main headquarters in Chicago. A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking has the capacity to recycle as many as 250 vehicles a month, primarily for export. We buy used vehicles and parts, sell used auto parts for remanufacturing, and export used vehicles and parts.

The parts we salvage for reuse include engines and transmissions, steering gears, and sheet metal including doors, hoods and clips. We also ship a large volume of complete engine and drive train systems to developing countries to meet their business requirements.

As a green company, A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking always ensures that any vehicles brought to our facilities are disassembled in accordance with local, state and federal regulations that apply to the proper recycling or disposal of all automotive related fluids and components. This includes gasoline, oil, Freon, antifreeze, brake fluid, batteries and transmission fluid.

As a result, we keep vehicles that are no longer roadworthy out of landfills and dumps.

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Auto Wrecking Process

When a vehicle can no longer be operated due to an accident or mechanical problems, it’s time for it to be sent to an automotive wrecking facility. Tow trucks arrive daily at A&A Midwest’s Auto Wrecking facility in Blue Island, Ill. for end of life vehicle processing.

export-1 export-2
1)  Every vehicle is carefully inspected before it’s removed the truck to assess its value. We look at the condition of the engine, catalytic converters, aluminum wheels, etc. Every vehicle is purchased based on the value of the parts that can be salvaged from it.

2) After the vehicle is taken off the tow truck it’s placed into our raw car inventory.

3) When the vehicle is ready to be recycled, it’s taken from inventory and delivered to our drain station. Here all vehicle fluids (gas, oil, transmission, etc.) are drained and recycled following strict state and local guidelines. Batteries are also removed and recycled.

4) Next is the cutting area. Where all metals are removed, such as the catalytic converter, radiator, and condenser.

5) From there, the vehicle will go in two different directions.

Crushed – The vehicle’s motor, transmission and other parts will be removed and the whole vehicle will be crushed.export-15-crushed
Salvaged – In addition to the motor and transmission, specific parts will be removed such as tires, steering boxes, boosters, wiper motors, front ends, doors, hoods, rear hatches, etc. Sometimes only the front of the vehicle will be clipped and placed on a container for export.

export-16-salvaged export-17-salvaged export-18-salvaged

What we do with each vehicle is dependent on customer demand for the specific parts that will be salvaged for future use.

Vehicles that are crushed will be stacked into one of our heavy duty trucks and driven to a nearby recycling facility to be shredded. An average load contains nearly 35,000 pounds of crushed vehicles. We typically ship six to eight truckloads per week. The shredder separates all the non-metallic parts, while the steel and other valuable metals are sent to be melted and used again.

export-19 export-20 export-21

To serve the ongoing needs of our export customers worldwide, we ship our customer’s containers on a regular basis. The container helps fulfill specific requests from buyers for engines, transmissions and other parts. In addition, the front clip of several vehicles will typically fill the container.

export-22 export-23 export-24

When our end-of-life vehicle processing has been completed, virtually no part of a vehicle is wasted. As a result, A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking can proudly boast that it is an environmentally “green” business.

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