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We Think Green!


The business of dismantling autos and trucks is frequently a messy one. A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking follows strict local and federal guidelines to ensure that polluting substances are not leaked, dropped or spread over the ground. Automotive fluids, in particular, require careful management in order to recycle.

Any parts that can’t be used, are recycled for their metal or plastic.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the cleanest, usable parts available to be remanufactured or rebuilt. All of our products are carefully inspected to insure that our customers receive a quality, rebuildable core. Core inventories are properly maintained and identified to insure they will move quickly to a customer’s remanufacturing or rebuilding line, or packaged for export.

A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking takes special care in accepting, handling, processing, storing and shipping transmission and engine components. It is, after all, the “CORE” of our business. And ultimately, the more products that can be reused, benefits the environment, our customers, and all of us.

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